Metacade Presale Raises Over $500k in 24 Hours: Exchange Listings Begin March 30th

• Metacade is a GameFi project that has raised over $500K in its 24-hour token presale.
• MCADE tokens will be listed on multiple exchanges after the presale ends on 30th March 2023.
• The platform offers play-to-earn (P2E) games and Metagrants program which provides funding to game developers.

Metacade Presale Raises Over $500k

Metacade, one of blockchain’s most exciting GameFi projects, has reached the final stage of its token presale after raising more than $500k in 24 hours, reaching a total raise of $12.4m. The presale is scheduled to end on the 30th of March 2023, after which the MCADE token will list on multiple exchanges, including Uniswap & BitMart.

CEO Comments On Positive News

Russell Bennett, CEO of Metacade said “We’re proud to have achieved so much in so little time and extremely grateful for the support of our loyal Metacaders and investors in the project. We’re now gearing up for the exchange listings and for our Q2 product launches.“

Final Stage Of Presale

The last stage of the presale sees the price of the MCADE token rise to $0.020, which is final before it’s listing on exchange.

Play To Earn Games & Metagrants Program

Metacade will offer a huge collection of play-to-earn (P2E) games that will see gamers rewarded with their native MCADE token as well as their pioneering Metagrants program which funds new gaming projects using community treasury.

MCADE Tokens Available For Purchase

MCADE tokens are available for purchase up until sell out or 30th March 2023 whichever is sooner users can participate in the Metacade presale here.

Secure Your Bitcoin with Art: Kialara Celebrates 10 Years of Cold Storage

• Kialara is an innovative cold storage wallet designed to protect private keys from physical deterioration.
• The latest edition, ‘Builders’, pays tribute to the technologies behind Bitcoin and features a Monocrystalline silicon chunk.
• An upcoming edition will feature a trustless wallet model, responding to a growing trend of BTC held outside centralized exchanges.

Kialara Project Celebrates 10 Years of Storing Bitcoin Using Art

When Max Mellenbruch began creating Kialara ten years ago, few people had heard much about bitcoin, let alone crypto art. The idea of a cold-storage wallet to preserve private keys over a long period of time, safeguarding them against physical deterioration, was quite innovative for its time.

Protection & Beauty Preserve Bitcoin Balances

A decade later the concept has gained the admiration of a loyal customer base keen to collect the different aesthetic and conceptual themes developed for each edition. Besides the protection of a meticulously hand-assembled housing of precision-machined SUS304 stainless steel, beauty itself plays the role of preserving the bitcoin balances untouched; turning Kialara into an intriguing piece of contemporary art.

Latest Edition Honors Technologies Behind Bitcoin

The latest edition, Kialara Builders, is a tribute to the technologies that led to the advent of Bitcoin. It is crowned with a shiny chunk of .999 Monocrystalline silicon; perhaps the most important technological material in recent decades. The protagonist is also represented—a little robot made up of mining parts representing miners worldwide who take part in the „race towards block“ on the Bitcoin network.

Upcoming Edition Features Trustless Wallet Model

A forthcoming edition will mark a transition towards a trustless wallet model enabled by self-custodial design. With this release, Kialara is responding to a growing Bitcoin trend as BTC supply held outside centralized exchanges continues to increase.

Kialaras Appreciation & Accessibility

The ‚Builders‘ edition is available for purchase on the Kialara website now where individuals can also sign up for Kialara’s mailing list and be notified when new editions are released. Collectors appreciate Kialaras brilliant integration of innovative cold storage engineering with world class fine art—an unprecedented level protection combined with aesthetic and psychological motivation.

DeFiChain Sponsors National Fighting Championship in Germany: Win DFI in Your Wallet!

• DeFiChain is sponsoring the National Fighting Championship (NFC) in Germany this year.
• The NFC is the biggest German MMA league, with the latest NFC event reaching 10 million viewers worldwide.
• DeFiChain will be sponsoring 5 of the 6 events this year and will also sponsor a “Fighter Of The Night Bonus” for the best fight of the evening.

DeFiChain Sponsoring National Fighting Championship

DeFiChain, the world’s leading blockchain on the Bitcoin network dedicated to bringing decentralized financial applications and services to everyone, is delighted to announce that its community has voted to sponsor the National Fighting Championship (NFC) this year.

The Biggest German MMA League

The NFC is the German version of UFC, in charge of mixed martial arts (MMA) fighting league in Germany. It is hosting six live events in 2023, each attracting 2,500-6,000 fans on site. The fights are also broadcast on German television on Sport1 as well as social media platforms.

Sponsoring Events & Fighter Bonus

DeFiChain will sponsor five out of six events this year: 25 March, 2023: NFC 13 Westfalenhallen Dortmund; 27 May, 2023: NFC 14 Maritim Hotel Düsseldorf; 16 September, 2023: NFC 15 Telekom Dome Bonn; 11 November, 2023: NFC 16 Showpalast Munich; 16 December, 2023: NFC 17 Maritim Hotel Düsseldorf. Additionally, DeFiChain will sponsor a „Fighter Of The Night Bonus“ for the best fight of each evening which will be paid directly in DFI tokens into fighters‘ wallets. They can then use it however they want or invest it into dStocks or liquidity mining on DeFiChain to earn more rewards.

Attracting Crypto-Curious People

DeFiChain has a growing community base in Germany and sponsoring the biggest German MMA league allows them to attract more crypto-curious people in their market. Prior to sponsoring the NFC they conducted market research which showed that crypto users and developers were highly interested in gaming, basketball, fighting sports and drone racing.

Partnership with Fighting GmbH

Michael Ortlepp from Fighting GmbH said about their partnership with Defi Chain,“It is a great joy and privilege for us to announce our partnership with DeFiChain… With the DeFiChain sponsored 10,000€ „Fighter of The Night Bonus“ we are able to give fighters appreciation they deserve.“ Benedikt Keck from Defi Chain added,“Our community is looking forward to being part of this fantastic fighting community.“

Ape Nation NFTs Now Stakeable for CSWAP Tokens: Long-Term CNFT Projects Arrive

• CSWAP has announced a partnership with the Ape Nation NFT project.
• Original Ape Nation NFTs can be staked to earn CSWAP tokens.
• The Cardano DEX has also launched a „CNFTGiveaway“ where the winner will receive a complete set of three Ape Nation NFTs, including original, V1, and V2 digital collectibles.

CSWAP Partners with Ape Nation in Long-Term CNFT Projects

Cardano-based decentralized exchange (DEX) CSWAP has announced a partnership with the Ape Nation NFT project on February 27th, 2023. The purpose of this partnership is to build and lead one of the most recognized CNFT projects that have long-term appeal.

Apes for Staking

Original Ape Nation NFTs can be staked non-custodially for stakers to earn $CSWAP tokens. In addition, CSWAP launched a “CNFTGiveaway” which allows the winner to receive a complete set of three Ape Nation NFTs including original, V1 and V2 digital collectibles.

Admirable Apes

CSWAP admired the leadership of Ape Nation because they resurrected their project from abandonment as well as their centricity towards community and passion for utility. Furthermore, holders are aping into the project as sales spiked after the announcement.

Rise of the nation of Apes

Ape Nation is a collection of 9999 NFTs minted on the Cardano blockchain network. This new partnership will increase exposure to both projects by allowing users to stake original ape nation nft’s in order to earn different cryptocurrency tokens.


The partnership between CSWAP and APE nation will create more incentive for users to participate in both projects. This could lead not only increased exposure but also increased value for both projects in terms if user engagement.

BUSD Supply Shrinks by 3 Billion in Six Days: Tether Emerges as Winner

• BUSD stablecoin market has seen a significant decline in supply over the past month.
• Tether’s (USDT) supply has increased by 5.8%, resulting in a market valuation of almost $70 billion.
• The dominance of stablecoins in the cryptocurrency market capitalization has steadily increased, particularly during the bear market.

BUSD Stablecoin Supply Decreases

BUSD has seen a significant decline in supply over the past month. On February 13, 2023, Paxos announced that following a suit by the SEC that BUSD would no longer be minted. This resulted in a rapid redemption of BUSD, with $290 million being redeemed within eight hours of the revelation. Since minting ceased, BUSD token supply has declined 17.77%, which accounted for a nearly 3 billion BUSD tokens decrease.

Tether Emerges as a Winner

Profiting from this turbulent period, Tether’s (USDT) supply has increased by 5.8%, resulting in a market valuation of almost $70 billion. Tether has historically been the most popular trading pair for BUSD and its supply has only decreased by 2.9% during the same time period as BUSD’s losses have become more evident. Meanwhile, Paxos‘ other stablecoins, USDP and PAXG, have seen decreases of 19.3% and 11.3% respectively in the last 30 days compared to BUSD’s 19%.

Binance Continuing Support

The most active exchange dealing with BUSD tokens is currently on Binance and they have confirmed that they are exploring other issuers and stablecoins, including those pegged to different currencies according to its CEO Changpeng „CZ“ Zhao while they continue to support existing users who possess their own copies of it until further notice is given otherwise by them or their issuer Paxos.. As of February 19th 10.9 billion copies had been possessed by them according to blockchain intelligence firm Nansen’s research into it .

Stablecoin Dominance Increasing

The dominance of stablecoins in the cryptocurrency market capitalization has steadily increased significantly over recent months but especially during bear markets where investors seek safety from volatile assets such as crypto-currencies . According to Coinmarketcap data ,stablecoins made up 20 % of all crypto assets at close on Friday , Feb 21st , 2021 . This was up from 12 % at beginning January 2020 . Some analysts argue that this trend could continue if investors stay focused on risk aversion strategies instead investing heavily into Bitcoin or Ethereum which were down 6 % & 8 % year-to-date respectively as at Feb 21st 2020 .


In conclusion , with increasing demand for stablecoins due to investor reluctance towards traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin & Ethereum due to their recent volatility , we can expect an increase in demand for these digital assets as risk avoidance remains high among traders & investors alike . The loss of one major player , such as BUSD will likely not stop this trend but may benefit competitors such as USDT even further if new entrants fail to make an impact after entering this arena shortly after this news broke out

FTX Fraud Fallout: Silvergate Bank, Sequoia Capital, Paradigm Face Litigation

• Silvergate Bank is facing a class action lawsuit for allegedly participating in SBF’s „multibillion-dollar fraudulent scheme.“
• Sequoia Capital, Thoma Bravo, and Paradigm Investments are also being sued for promoting FTX.
• Celebrities like Tom Brady and Larry David have also been targeted in lawsuits due to their involvement with FTX.

FTX Lawsuits Pile Up

Crypto exchange FTX went bankrupt last year, leaving a trail of lawsuits behind it. Major banks and venture firms face legal action for their alleged role in promoting or enabling Sam Bankman-Fried’s fraud. These include Silvergate Bank, Sequoia Capital, Thoma Bravo, and Paradigm Investments.

Silvergate Bank Lawsuit

On Feb. 14th, lawyers representing an FTX user filed a proposed class-action lawsuit against Silvergate Bank. The lawsuit accuses the bank of participating in a „multibillion-dollar fraudulent scheme“ by Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF). The plaintiff alleges that Silvergate knew about fraud in FTX but concealed the true nature of the exchange from customers. The US Justice Department is now looking into Silvergate’s dealings with FTX as part of a larger probe into SBF’s fraud.

Venture Firms Lawsuit

Another class-action lawsuit has set sights on venture firms such as Sequoia Capital, Thoma Bravo, and Paradigm Investments. The lawsuit claims these firms boosted FTX’s legitimacy through their investments and marketing campaigns – adding an “air of legitimacy” to the exchange which caused regular investors to underestimate risk associated with holding money there. The class action lawsuit accuses them of misrepresentation, false advertising, civil conspiracy and other violations.

Celebrities Targeted

Earlier lawsuits have targeted celebrities such as Tom Brady and Larry David who were involved with FTX prior to its collapse.


The collapse of crypto exchange FTX has left many banks and venture firms facing litigation over their alleged roles in promoting or enabling Sam Bankman-Fried’s fraud. Additionally celebrities like Tom Brady have been targeted due to their involvement with the platform prior to its bankruptcy filing.

Stop Wasting Time: Get Organized Now with These Simple Hacks!

• The article explains the importance of being mindful of the food we consume and how it affects our health.
• It discusses different types of diets, such as vegetarianism, veganism and paleo, and their benefits for human health.
• It also talks about the importance of making informed decisions when choosing a diet that works best for each individual.


The modern world has seen an ever-increasing focus on healthy eating habits, with different diets becoming increasingly popular in recent years. In this article, we will explore the various diets available and their potential impact on our health.

Different Types of Diets

There are many different types of diets that can be followed depending on individual needs and preferences. Vegetarianism is one example of a diet that eliminates all animal products from one’s diet, while veganism takes this concept even further by eliminating all animal products as well as any products derived from animals (such as dairy). Paleo is another popular diet which focuses on consuming foods similar to those eaten by our ancestors during the Paleolithic era; this includes lean meats, fish, fruits and vegetables.

Benefits Of Healthy Eating Habits

Following a healthy diet has numerous benefits for both physical and mental wellbeing. Eating a balanced diet consisting mainly of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins can help to maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease or diabetes and provide essential vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal functioning. Additionally, eating nutritious meals may also have positive effects on mood due to increased energy levels resulting from higher nutrient intake.

Considerations When Choosing A Diet

When considering which type of diet to follow it is important to make sure that you are getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals your body needs in order to function at its best; some diets may restrict certain food groups which could lead to deficiencies if not carefully monitored. Additionally, it is important to take into account dietary restrictions or allergies when selecting a suitable diet plan; speaking with a healthcare professional can help you decide what works best for your individual needs.


In conclusion, there are many different types of diets available which offer various benefits depending on personal preferences or dietary requirements; it is important to consider these factors when deciding what works best for you in order to achieve optimum health outcomes

Achieve Your Goals with Proven Strategies for Success

• The article is about the importance of communication in a business.
• It discusses effective methods of communication, such as face-to-face meetings and email.
• It also outlines the potential problems with communication, such as misunderstandings and information overload.

The Importance of Communication in Business

Effective Communication Methods

Communication is an essential part of any successful business. Effective methods of communication are vital for ensuring that employees can collaborate effectively and customers receive quality service. Face-to-face meetings are one effective way to ensure clear communication, while emails, teleconferencing, and instant messaging can be used to bridge long distances. Regardless of the chosen method, it’s important to make sure all parties have a clear understanding of expectations and goals.

Potential Problems

While these methods provide effective ways to communicate, they also come with their own set of challenges. Misunderstandings can arise due to language barriers or cultural differences; this is especially true if different teams or departments are located around the world. Additionally, too much information can lead to confusion and information overload which could slow down productivity or even lead to mistakes.

Importance for Businesses

It’s important for businesses to focus on creating an environment that encourages open and honest communication between employees at all levels. This will help foster collaboration, improve team morale and create a more productive work environment overall. Additionally, implementing systems that ensure all key stakeholders are kept up-to-date on relevant developments helps keep everyone informed without overwhelming them with unnecessary information.

Tools To Help Improve Communication

There are many tools available that can help businesses improve their communications efforts: project management software helps teams stay organized; video conferencing tools allow people in different locations to meet virtually; automated notifications help keep everyone informed about deadlines or changes; task management apps help assign tasks quickly; cloud storage solutions provide easy access to shared files from anywhere; etc.. All these tools should be used judiciously however – too many different technologies can be confusing for staff members who don’t understand them properly.


Good communication is essential for any successful business venture – it allows employees to collaborate effectively, keeps customers satisfied with quality service and ensures everyone stays informed about important developments within the organization without being overwhelmed by too much information. While there are many tools available that can help improve communications efforts within an organization – like project management software and video conferencing tools – it’s important not to rely too heavily on technology as it may cause confusion among staff members who don’t understand how they work properly

Revolutionize Healthcare: Tap The Potential of Blockchain Technology

• This article discusses the potential for blockchain technology to revolutionize the healthcare industry.
• It outlines how the technology could be used to securely store patient data, streamline administrative processes, and enable secure payments.
• It also explores some of the challenges that need to be addressed before the technology can be effectively implemented.

The potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize healthcare is becoming increasingly clear. Blockchain is a digital ledger that records transactions securely and immutably. This can be used to store patient data, streamline administrative processes, and enable secure payments.

For healthcare, the secure storage of patient data is an area where blockchain technology could be particularly useful. By storing patient data on a blockchain, it would be securely encrypted and accessible only to those with the appropriate permissions. This would reduce the risk of data breaches, as well as make it easier for healthcare providers to share patient records between different parties.

Another benefit of blockchain technology is that it could be used to streamline administrative processes. With blockchain, it would be easier to track the flow of payments and claims between healthcare providers, insurers, and patients. This could help to reduce the time and cost associated with dealing with insurance companies and other third-party providers.

Finally, blockchain technology could be used to enable secure payments. For example, healthcare providers could use smart contracts to securely and automatically transfer payments to patients or other providers. This could help to reduce the risk of fraud and make the payment process easier and more efficient.

However, there are still some challenges that need to be addressed before blockchain technology can be effectively implemented in the healthcare industry. For example, the technology needs to be tailored to the specific needs of the healthcare industry, and regulatory issues such as privacy and data security will need to be addressed. Furthermore, healthcare providers need to be willing to invest in the technology and develop new ways of using it.

Overall, while there are still some challenges that need to be addressed, the potential for blockchain technology to revolutionize the healthcare industry is clear. By securely storing patient data, streamlining administrative processes, and enabling secure payments, blockchain could help to improve the efficiency and security of healthcare systems around the world.

Crypto Industry Celebrates at Inaugural Crypties Awards

• Shirley Cedeno and Akbar Hamid accepted the Cryptie on behalf of Doodles at the inaugural Crypties Awards from Decrypt Studios in Miami on November 30.
• Veteran actor David Bianchi spoke to Decrypt’s Jason Nelson right before a table read for his upcoming drama series „RZR.“
• At Art Basel in Miami, Decrypt Studios held the inaugural Crypties awards gala, sponsored by Polygon and other crypto projects.

On November 30th, 2020, the inaugural Crypties Awards from Decrypt Studios in Miami, Florida took place and made history as the first of its kind. The event was hosted by none other than Josh Ostrovsky, better known as “The Fat Jewish”, and was sponsored by Polygon, Filecoin Foundation, Lamina1, Async, BeetsDAO, The Gold Mask, Gem Set, Breakout, Anonymous, Infinite Objects, Ape Water, Decentralized Pictures, and Vault 721. During the event, there were nine categories up for awards. The award for Mainstream Award was given to Doodles, accepted by Shirley Cedeno and Akbar Hamid. The other nominees in the category were RTFKT and Nike, Gmoney and Adidas, Tiffany and CryptoPunks, and TIMEpieces.

In addition to the Crypties Awards, Decrypt Studios also held a special interview with veteran actor David Bianchi. The interview was conducted by Jason Nelson right before a table read for Bianchi’s upcoming drama series „RZR.“ The show, which has already been greenlit, will be distributed through Gala Films and is set in a dystopian future Los Angeles with Ethereum and other digital assets as part of the plot. Bianchi also conducted two NFT drops to build engagement from fans.

The Crypties Awards were a huge success and wowed the audience. With its star-studded lineup of presenters, sponsors, and attendees, the event was certainly a night to remember. It was a great opportunity to not only show off the best innovations and projects in the crypto space, but also to recognize the individuals and companies that have been instrumental in building the industry. It’s clear that the Crypties Awards will be a staple in the crypto community for years to come.